Is the robot moderator more aggressive on weekends?


I posted a post on Collaboration Maturity Models in the Yammer Community/Community Management Space on Monday in Australia but it seems to have disappeared. I think it was the second post as I wasn't clear the first had succeeded. Is the automatic moderation more aggressive in non-US office hours when the community management are less likely to be around? I'm trying to work out how to use the site and having posts disappear is a little hard, especially as I don't get notified and when they are on topic. I'd hope the site can ultimately support a global 24x7 discussion for the ITPro community. What are the timelines for clearing the automatically moderated messages? cc @Michael Holste

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Hey Simon,

Not more aggressive, but we aren't there to doublecheck it's work. I will make sure the posts get through the filter. It should learn in time and will hopefully be more accurate in what it quarantines. 

Thanks. I will bear that in mind and try to use the site from Tuesday to Friday AEST (at least until the robot is more amenable).

MVPs should bypass the moderation. If you're still getting quarantined, please let me know. 

Thanks Lana. I will keep an eye out for any issues. 


Searching for solutions for true moderation options for yammer rather than just a notification of a key word brought me to this post. My company would like to moderate all posts to the All Company group. Is there a robot moderator that works for keywords?

Hey Robert, 


I don't know of any moderation tools outside of the keyword notification. 


Here is a list of the admin controls you have available to help you monitor your network.

Robert, the only option to moderate the all community channel is community engagement and a strong champions network. If you are clear on the role the all company channel plays in the organisation the members of your Yammer network can help each other to follow the guidelines. This user led moderation strengthen's the purpose and value of the community. There will be exceptions. From time to time, people do need to share messages widely to foster discovery or in a genuine enterprise wide search.  However, over time a community can develop a strong culture of sharing information in the right ways and in the right groups.

Thanks for the Reply Terry, Unfortunately our VP's do not agree with the approach. They want a heavily moderated forum or nothing at all. I will continue to advocate for the service, but the culture of the company does not promote this type of "user led moderation"

As you know, that may limit the amount of "user-led collaboration" that occurs. Flexibility and an ability to learn is key to leveraging the potential of all employees. Good luck championing the cause of change.