Is it just me or have user profile colors actually become darker?

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I'm 99.99 percent sure it was light yellow before ~2 days ago, now it looks darker. not sure if it was intentional but if you are making changes to user profile colors, can you please provide more available colors for different ranks?


last year I asked if it would be possible and the answer was that in this new year you are going to make decisions about it.

for the past 7-8 months it's been stuck at yellow for me and I really hope it changes to something else.

something other than the reserved colors (Blue, Red, Green, White, Yellow)

there are purple, cyan, light green, light blue, pink, orange etc



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@HotCakeX , perhaps darker means stronger...

Nope, every profile that had the yellow color are turned into dark yellow now.

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@HotCakeX Yes, you are correct! The user profile colors changed along with a number of other changes across the community. This is part of a larger effort to improve accessibility of the Tech Community site. 

@Eric Starker , thank you for the clarification. Is it possible to publish a short summary of these "changes across the community", at least ones which directly affect us?


@Sergei Baklan The accessibility work is still ongoing, but yes, once the work is complete, we will publish a blog post detailing the changes on the Tech Community blog.