Is it any way to change email notifications from alias to main email address?

I signed here with my O365 login like In my profile here the only email address is organizational one like, it's also my main address in O365, one with nickname is the alias. However, this system sends all notifications on nickname address. Not critical, but i'd prefer to receive emails on main address due to some rules used. Didn't find in settings how to change that behavior, is that by design?
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Sorry for missing this post, came back to it now that we resolved some of the email issues with notifications.  Let me check with the team on an answer to this one.  @Michael Holste for visibility.

Hey Sergei, 


Unfortunately this is a risky move since we are using SSO. It could result in creating a duplicate account if the system overrides the edit on your second login, so we would prefer to err on the side of caution. 

Hi Michael - okay, I see, will survive with alias.