Is anyone able to actually "search" these results yet on Google?

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So I've gone to Google a few times to try searching for phrases on posts I've made, and have yet to come up with any results whatsoever.


Is the public search indexing working yet?  

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I think we'll all get notice when these posts become search indexed, Brent. For now, this is still "preview." I believe I read this, but am having real trouble finding the official word in O365N what with the announcement thread on this move sprawling across hundreds of posts!

Could find my post here in Google when searching for 'lithium rest api'.



i can find some now too, i seem to only have results when i focus on post titles, not post content though, will have to continue to check it out

Well, I'm surprised but not, y'know? There needs to be a name for that emotion, and probably is, in German.

Just google searched on your phrase - So I've gone to Google a few times to try searching for phrases on posts , and after I put it in "", google returned this post , so yes, it appears these forums are searchable via google.

As we are in preview, we have been working through our search capabilities, control, etc.  The expectation is search should not work completely during preview as we are still taking feedback, working through scenarios, and finalizing our strategy for what this looks like moving forward into production.  I guess pun intended, but your results may vary when working through public search at this point and may change day-to-day/week-to-week as we continue to refine.  Thank you. 

How does the phrase search work in this community?

I tried to search info about the SPO content type subscriber timer job, and tried to type "content type subscriber timer job" and "subscriber timer job" and "timer job" but the search results were far from succee.