IntelliTrace preventing VS Professional 2015 debugging

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At some point in the past month, my Visual Studio Professional 2015 Update 3 IDE broke. 

VS 2015 ActivityLog claims error with loading Microsoft.IntelliTrace.Package.Common.14.0.0



This is Visual Studio Professional 2015 Update 3 ... IntelliTrace should not exist in this build.

I did enable Fusion Logging ... lots of Xamarin which report as resolving to existing dlls


All the dlls exist with the correct public key in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\CommonExtensions\Microsoft\IntelliTrace\14.0.0


Anyone have a clue how to resolve this issue? 


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If you haven't already, I think the MSDN Visual Studio forums would be a better place for this question. They have many other VS forums there also available in the drop box that can be selected.  The 'General Windows Desktop Development Issues' might be the one to check out.


This particular forum here is to discuss the operation of the Microsoft Tech Community itself.



Thank you. 

I will go somewhere else.

There does not appear to be a forum for Visual Studio within the "Tech Community"? 



That's correct, I imagine it's intentional because the forum I linked to previously is already well established and duplicating/moving it here probably wouldn't make sense.