Insider Preview Build 17711 won't install

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I have so far been unable to get preview build 17711 to install properly. Windows Update goes through all the correct motions of downloading and then doing the preinstall work, but when the computer does the very first restart after doing the preliminary configuration, the install will begin the usual installation process and gets all the way up to 29% and then just stalls. Although, the dots are continually circling as normal, the install never goes past 29%. I have actually left it running for some 2 hours and it still never goes beyond 29%.


Has anyone had this same problem? Has anyone found a resolution or fix or even a workaround for this problem?


Any help would be greatly appreciated,



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I have the same problem (stuck in pending restart status) but does nothing at all when I restart.  I'm here looking for a solution too and so far have been unable to find one - can't delete it (deleted update folder/all update hoping for a fix), refuses to install, can't roll back to previous version and I really don't feel like doing a complete reinstall Windows 10 - starting over again would be a bitch.


I know others are having the same problem because when I sent feedback I can see all the others but no one seems to have a solution and this is yet another dead end but just need to vent. 

remove any other drives hd-- ssds etc even dvd cd drive only use drive to be installed on windows and give that a try ive had this problem myself if it has to many drives etc to search for windows can and will have a hissy fit ie it goes into a loop
ps sometimes a particular part of windows update proccess has a error which can cause this--good luck mate