Infinite scrolling is a bad choice for information driven websites. Pagination is better.

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I often look around the communities for interesting topics or information. I am not here on a daily basis, so I keep looking to past threads beyond the first "page". In other words, I click "SHOW MORE CONVERSATIONS".


What annoys me is that I cannot use the "history back" button/command on the tech community. When leave the conversation view for a single thread and then hit the back-button I get returned to the very first post (or page) in the conversation view. This is very annoying. Information driven content shouldn't do that. It's okay for services like Imgur or Reddit, where I just kill time and don't bother to come back to anything I just watched.


But here the important thing is to find Information and be able to find the point in time where I left the conversation view for some insights into a thread.


So please remove infinite scrolling and give us pagination. Ideally with the choice to sort by date or late reply.

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