In my total posts the comment count = views

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When looking at my total posts there is an icon which looks like comments for that post. (the right one in the image)

This icon however does seem to count the views and not comments.

Could this be reviewed and icon usage in general across these pages, they are very inconistent and confusing.


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Agree! There seems to be a behind-the-scenes mixup there.
This is just another one of the many examples of sloppy coding and lack of attention to detail. The fact that MS paid money to another organization and is now having to make numerous corrections when they already had a reliable system does not indicate prudent financial management. If I was the MS decision maker, I would be asking for my money back and be looking for a new job.

Looking into this! 



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Hey all, thanks again for bringing this to our attention. There was a mixup in the icons being displayed and should be corrected by tomorrow. Cheers! 

I look forward to seeing this fixed, I posted something and thought, wow, I have 39 comments, only to find that I had 39 views :-(. Nobody seems to know the answer to my question.

This should be fixed now.