In My Settings, what are Macros and how do I use them?

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From  Posting Help page:


Can I create "canned" or "boilerplate" responses?

Yes. You can use macros to create boilerplate text that you can paste into any message. You can create up to 9 macros.

To set up a macro for boilerplate text:

  1. Sign in to the community.
  2. Go to My Settings > Macros.
  3. Enter a short but memorable name in the Macro Title field.
  4. In the Macro box, enter your boilerplate text. (You can use HTML tags if your community allows it.)
  5. Click Save.

Tip: To add text at the bottom of your posts, you can include that text your signature instead of using a macro.

To add your boilerplate text to a post:

  1. Go to a post.
  2. In the comment area, place your cursor where you want to add the boilerplate text.
  3. Open the Macros menu and select the macro you want to add.

Can you give some examples for boilerplate text ? Thks

I can't find any examples of someone in this community using a macro with bolierplate text, but boilerplate text is essentially any standard content you would want to include. I imagine most folks will (if they bother with it ) either add a tagline about themselves or their company, or put up some kind of disclaimer about their opinions being their own, etc.


I created the following as an example macro (for my company):


ISC is a Cloud Solution Provider; we help organizations migrate to the cloud and operate cloud based systems effectively.

Great Idea ! 

I Try it but link are not aviable on macros Thks for this Tips Robot Happy

Mandarine-BS has for objective to answer efficiently to new company issues and create integrated devices to train simultaneously a large number of co-workers with the same requirement level, whatever their geographical situation.

Yes, I had to further edit the macro text after inserting it in a message to make the link