IE V9 error when accessing Tech Community

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Is anyone else getting the error "We no longer support Internet Explorer v9 and older. Upgrade to a newer version or use a different browser."? I am running IE11 and this is the only site i get the error and the scripts aren't running very pretty on the page. Thx!

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Anybody having this issue?
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Check to see if you have in your IE compatability tab view.  If it's there, remove it and see if that helps.

IE 11, no issues here.

Paula, yes, i have the same. The problem is in compatibility - in my IE11 in Compatibility view settings the "Display Intranet sites in Compatibility view" is on. With this setting Tech Comm recognizes IE11 as IE9, i have no idea why. Thus doesn't work. If switch the setting to off everything is okay.

In addition - is definitely not in my list of compatibility sites.

Thanks!  My "Display Intranet sites in Compatibility view" was off so I just removed from the list of sites and that helped.

Thanks, Susan; that  helped!

I have the same problem - IE 11 is my default browser on my company laptop. Ironically it works fine in Google Chrome.

Julie - see steps above to fix. Its the compatability issue.

@Deleted, if you fix as in this conversation please share it was due to in compatibility list or something else. Thank you.