I can't check my messages

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I got two e-mail notifications of new messages today. I tried to check my messages in the Microsoft Tech Community, but I got this error message: "You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action. Click your browser's Back button to continue." Can someone please look into this issue? Thanks.

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As variant post was deleted after you received the notification

I could understand getting the error for a message that was deleted. However, I didn't try to open a message from an e-mail. The error is preventing me from accessing the See All Messages page. Could it be that the See All Messages page is trying to load a deleted message?


In addition to this post I'd suggest to write on techcommunity@microsoft.com, perhaps something is wrong in your configuration.

Thank you for providing that e-mail address. My issue has been sent.

@Sergei Baklan After receiving an e-mail notification of another new message today, I have discovered the cause of my issue. I followed a link in the e-mail to manage my private message options. From there, I noticed that my private messenger was turned off. I turned it on, and was able to access my messages. As you suggested, there was something wrong in my configuration, but now it has been fixed. Thanks for your help.

@Toa_Of_Justice , glad to know you sorted this out, thank you for the update