I already miss the Yammer network

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So I wanted to use this for a questions, but I already go frustrated trying to find the S4B group and its not gone yet, but I am already missing Yammer!

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Hi Ben, sorry to hear this, but we're glad you're here!
You'll find the Skype For Business space here https://network.office.com/t5/Skype-for-Business/bd-p/SkypeforBusiness

But how was I supposed to find that group quickly from the home screen?  I don't see any listing of the groups I have joined only popular ones

On the 'hamburger' menu on the left, you should see a link for Communities, from that page, you'll see the dark gray boxes are communities you are a member of and the light grey are ones you are not yet a member of. ETA: Also on the My Home page you'll see the communities you've joined and your favorite spaces within those communities. Hope that helps!