I already miss the Yammer network. Much better for keeping up

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I use Yammer a great deal in our organisation and love getting rich notifications to my Apple Watch and being able to keep on top of discussions and reply from anywhere on my mobile.

Since funding the 365 network in Yammer, it's been very useful and I've interacted with zero friction. It's been as easy to be a part of a community as an SMS chat.

The new web based community seems a backwards move to me. It's a confusing site, there is no mobile app, just a confusing mobile view and I no longer have nice push notifications.
The Yammer community was great for me, this doesn't. Is this just me feeling this?
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Not at all.
Take a look at the number of users, it dropped from over 80,000 to less than 16,000.
It takes me many minutes to do anything and I used to be able spend a few minutes scanning through dozens of posts.

I personally thought the interface for Yammer wasn't so great such as no re-editing once you posted or the bizarre rendering in Chrome.. However access to the relevant groups, email and IM seems way more intuitive than on this Tech Community. Regarding IM, I am struggling to find how I can contact somebody online which was mouse click away in Yammer. I guess I will need to get used to it, at least until Microsoft decides to kill it for the next shiny social portal ;)
Glad I'm not the only one. Way too much friction even just replying to this. It used to be so simple and quick to scan though interesting content and reply to people on Yammer. It was useful.

Now it's not so. And like you say, Microsoft seem to be very quick to get bored of products and platforms and either kill and start again or do so many ways of doing the same thing with lots of half complete products. Drives me mad when there's so much potential
I'm in the same boat. I am feeling more comfortable with the new network, and they are making improvements to it. I FEEL more disconnected from the groups and individuals in this forum format, and its hard to quantify. Its still harder/different to move between groups and conversations in my opinion. Too many clicks and page refreshes, etc. But like I said, its getting better.

Its interesting how conducive Yammer as a platform may have been to building the community, good psychology thesis?

Vote here for mobile app if you havent already: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Community-Ideas/Mobile-App-for-new-Office-365-Network/idi-p/1...

I did love the O365 Yammer community, very much. But I'm liking this new place more and more. Because of the scope, I actually find it easier to dip into different product "buckets" and the way conversations are corralled within. I like how you can ask a question in any of those spaces and get help--for that and meeting new friends were essential parts of the old network for me. The public component to this network has already connected me with people I might not ordinarily have met, and that's super cool too.


While I don't use the Yammer app myself because I just find it easier to go through the browser, even on my phone, to do admin stuff on my own networks, I can see how that functionality would be sorely missed with this kind of space!


Just like with any new community, it'll take time to get up to that 80,000 number again. It'll be interesting to see how it all evolves.



I am finding the new community set up to be depressing. Where's the app so that we can keep up on the go? And the mention of this being a "new community" doesn't acknowledge the fact that there was a community of over 80,000 people. It was awesome. I get the sense our old community was just killed. Did the content move over. How can you kill four years of community input and guidance? In my opinion we should be building upon the original network, not starting over. Our school would never have made it as far as we did with Office 365 had my team and I not been able to contact such skilled people so effortlessly in Yammer. Now it feels like were just left to start over again.

The old content did not get moved. Thousands of hours of effort providing answers was thrown away by Microsoft. To make it even worse, they threw away their own peoples answers to their customers questions and those answers do not exist in any other location.

In my opinion, the person that made the decision to discard all of that valuable information should be looking for a new job.