How to "Like" a conversation?

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Okay, I've looked high and low and hope it's not something obvious so that I don't feel too stupid :facepalm: How do I "like" a conversation? I can see an option for seeing who liked a conversation, but no way to actually like one. Thanks!

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click on the (small) icon. The text on the right of the icon only shows who has liked the post.






@Mourad Louha


Thanks! Unfortunately, that option isn't showing on the page for me. This is all I "see"



I'm guessing it may have something to do with me using the Dev Edge browser that's using Chromium.

@Mourad Louha 


Strange. In my first reply to you, the "capture" I took was from your reply. I left the page and came back and now your reply is showing the hand to the left of the text.  Thanks for the tip, at least now I know what to look for and maybe I'll just have to leave and come back to a page when I want to use it.

Hi @bleeman13,

glad it worked for you. Regarding that the icon was not shown on your first reply, I can not say something for that. Maybe someone from the MS support can. I am using Chrome as browser for this Community and did not experience that behaviour.