How to calculate Turn Around Time (TAT) considering weekend and working Hours..!

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Considering Two Set of Data

Start Date "A1=22-08-2019 11:55 AM"

End Date:- "B2=27-08-2019 5:00 PM"



  • Office working Hours is 10 AM - 7 PM 
  • Lunch is between 1 PM- 2 PM
  • Saturday Sunday fixed off
  • And a list of holiday

To Find:-

 I want to find the number of hours it took to complete a Task considering working Hours.. 


Please suggest. 

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Assuming that's Excel and assuming Start/End could be outside the working hours, for such sample


formula in C2 could be

  NETWORKDAYS.INTL(A2+1,B2-1,"0000011",$J$2:$J$3)*8/24 +
    $F$2-MEDIAN($E$2,$F$2,MOD(A2,1)) +
  ) +
    MEDIAN($E$2,$F$2,MOD(B2,1))-$E$2 +

Result formatted as [hh]:mm.


Firtst we check if Start/End dates are different days, if so calculate number of full workdays in between plus time for each of Start/End if only they are workdays. Finally calculate the difference if Start/End is the same date.