How do you merge your old account on this forum?

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Can someone please advise me on this weird problem. I know my previous username and want to move all of its data to this account. Username is TeaParty.


Yeah I know it is funny, laugh all you want. But at least I made the new username pretty obvious, so this should be quick.


If this forum is built properly. ;p

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What tags are better or correct for this post?
Also, another request how do you filter the spam that is sent to your email address after signing up without messing up useful email messages?

@IamTeaMonsterMergeThis Thanks for reaching out, and welcome back to the Microsoft forums!


This forum space is for discussions of Microsoft Edge, so I'll move this to the general Tech Community space, where you can get help with the forum itself. I'm also tagging in @Eric Starker who should be able to assist you.


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Hello @IamTeaMonsterMergeThis

We appreciate your passion for the Microsoft Tech Community. Currently, we're unable to merge content like posts and viewership from one account to another. We are able to give you the same roles and achievements, however. Is that the type of content you would like to merge?

Thank you for your patience!

something is really wrong with this forum. can't see replies.

@Dylan Snodgrass You're joking right? Who built this PoC forum to annoy people?


You're welcome. Better make that a signature, this forum's wonderful design demands it.

And open source the forum while you're at it. This is too isolated and unusable to direct humans to it, in my opinion as a software professional who is competent at User eXp(UX).

Open source? isolated? lol this forum and its software isn't any of them.
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Thank you for your feedback, how accounts can or can not be merged on the Microsoft Tech Community depends entirely on who the data owner is.


Accounts created under a work email address, using Office 365 Azure Active Directory as an authentication provider, can not be merged to other accounts. This is because these accounts belong to the organization and the data in them, and connected to them also belong to your organization, even if the content has your name on it.


If your accounts you wish to merge are personal, i.e. using an domain or a custom domain as an alias to these accounts, then we can merge the accounts, once we have ensured that you are the owner of both accounts. 


We have an FAQ on account merges here


You can manage your subscriptions (this is what results in you getting emails) here and you can also manage your email preferences here. If you toggle option 2 on that last link, the Community will stop sending you any emails.


For the case of missing replies, we have had some reports of that after our last release and we are investigating the cause. In the mean time if you go here and change your 'format for displaying posts' back to either Default, or Linear layout then your replies will re-appear.


I did try to find a user with the username TeaParty so I could try to see what type of account it was but no user matched that username. If you want to get us to look into it then feel free to email the email address given in the FAQ above.


Kind regards


Allen Smith

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@Allen , that's not a question, not necessary to answer, just a comment on


Accounts created under a work email address, using Office 365 Azure Active Directory as an authentication provider, can not be merged to other accounts.

== (By the way, can't apply Italic to above text. To any one here as well.)


I have work account and from old time MSA account which have exactly the same email address. On the latest one I blocked ability to login from this email address, moved it from primary to alias but still have lot of headache with it.


MSA account is my main one for MVP, being added to MVP resources (e.g. Teams) I see it as work account now. Emails send on this MSA and on actual work account go on one address. Credentials for some apps are often missed (e.g. Edge Chrome profile, ToDo). In general perhaps it's better to delete MSA account and move all resources on another one, but so many of stuff is connected to it. Perhaps it'll be easier to cancel work account after I retired.


Just a comment, don't care.


By the way, that's not first time while I'm typing response today, have a message


Post work without the Load.

@Sergei Baklan 


Maybe Sergei, on our side an MSA and and AAD account can not be confused, they have very different unique identifiers. I can look at any account you use here and tell you which authentication provider it came from.


The issues with an 'Unexpected Error' are likely related to some other issues we are having, we are working to fix them all shortly.