How do I stop my full name appearing in my post. I prefer my initial followed by my surname.

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Is there a way I can edit my profile name so when I create a new post and ask a question my full name does not appear on the post. I do not want my full name appearing in the post I prefer an initial for my first name followed by my surname.



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You should be able to update your first name under "My Settings", then "Personal Information". I believe that will do what you're looking for.



Your name is populated from the Microsoft Account / Office 365 account your using to access the Tech Community. Any changes we make to it in the community will be automatically changed when you next login.

If you want your name to come up as first initial followed by last name you will need to edit your Microsoft Account or get your Organizations office 365 admin to change your first name to your first initial and your last name to your surname. 

@Allen I want to do something similar but not here. I don't mind my full name being shown in the forum. But When I reply to a news article on it shows both my initials "SP" in a circle followed by my full first and last name. I just want people viewing news article replies to see the "SP" there is no reason they need my full name.