Hide last name?

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Is it possible to hide my last name here at the forum?


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You should be able to update your last name under "My Settings", then "Personal Information". I don't think that will remove your last name from old posts, but worth a shot.
I think I tried that, but I don't know if it syncs it back from my O365 account or something.

Thanks. =)

Blanking the last name field has no effect:




Setting the last name field to a single letter affects the heading on the profile page, but has no effect on the page title or post bylines.




How bizarrely dysfunctional.


Yes, they need to fix like a box where you can hide your name and only use a "nick name" or something. =)
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Hi Both,


I am afraid the surname is populated by the SSO flow from the Microsoft Account or the Office 365 account and is a required field. As a result you can update it all you like in the "Personal Information" section, as suggested above, however on next login it will reset back to the information on your respective profile.


We do not currently support the concept of nicknames, if you would like to see that in a future version of the community please feel free to submit it in our idea's space and we will of course consider it, if enough users ask for it.


Microsoft Account users can change their name in the Microsoft Account Profile page.


Note when you do so the update in the community is not always immediate, although you can force it by clicking this link.

@Marcus Kjellberg Sorry to revive a zombie thread. Ditto here due to O365 settings. Have you found a workaround? Thanks

Same. It's surprising that there isn't a feature to hide your names in general here.

me too. i dont think it shows anywhere actually, becuase if i open my profile in a private window it just shows my nickname. However i would like to completely remove my naem from this. i get the message


"Your first name and last name are automatically provided by your Microsoft Account, Office 365 Account or alias you use to login to the Microsoft Tech Community and cannot be changed here."


However i have a technet account and other microsoft accounts that are not linked to my company (but with the same email) i was not given the option of using those when signing up. it just automatically took my single sign on credentials from work.


no one should be using their real name online period.


ill see if it shows in this post.


EDIT: luckily it does not, but having it online at al, even in my own visible profile to myself makes me extremely uncomfortable. Now its sitting in a database, and since all databases WILL be hacked eventually its not a great feeling.

I was SHOCKED to find my whole name displayed on my post and even more shocked to find that there was no way to hide my name. What, I ask, is the point of screennames if they are just going to show your whole name?? This is a basic privacy feature I expect from any website and find it egregious that Microsoft is violating my privacy in this way.

Hi everyone,

Looking at the issue going on here, there is an idea in the ideas space of not showing your real name on the Microsoft Tech Community website and just your nickname. If you like the idea, you may upvote it.

Let us hide our real name in Microsoft Teach Community due to privacy issues - Microsoft Tech Commun...