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Where do. A make a report. On the service  am get bad.  People 

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@andyreid I don't understand. Which service are you talking about that you'd like to make a report on? Is it related to the Microsoft Tech Community website, which is what this discussion space is supporting, or some other service? 

@EricStarker  u people   not listen to customer  

@andyreid Hello! I am not sure who you are referring to when you say "you people" but if you are looking for technical support, you'd need to reach out to support.microsoft.com.


We only handle questions about the Microsoft Tech Community website in the Tech Community Discussion space here. 

done that no help

@andyreid Sorry to hear! As noted, this is a space specifically for questions about the Microsoft Tech Community website only, so we're unable to assist further here. 


I work as a community manager and not for technical support, so I have no expertise here - you can also try calling support here: Global Customer Service phone numbers - Microsoft Support


I wish you the best of luck. 

there done sum thing keep hang up phone on me none stop

@andyreid Sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, I can't assist you here. I'm going to close this thread for new responses as we won't be able to assist further.