Hey I found something "exciting" today in this new Network.Office.com vs YammerITPro Network

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We can finally edit posts!!!!


This is really good news to those of us who hit the "enter" key prematurely from time-to-time.  (I realize that sentence is going to cause some snickering but you know what I mean in context.)


Seriously, this is really good news for poor typists!



(After posting that I came back and added this line!)


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yep it is getting better and better every day :) 

Figured it out as well.




Paul Keijzers

Could you edit this post into a more suitable group ?Smiley Tongue

Just moved! @Steven Collier great thing about this new community is that we have the ability to move posts to a more appropriate place :)

Do you have a suggestion for a better group?

Hi Dennis, it looks like Anna moved this conversation to the Community Discussion group.

Also, happy to hear that folks are noticing the updates we're making and liking the edit feature! :)