Help with formula regarding search and copying information over multiple tabs

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I have an excel sheet I am using for my doctors office. I have a column set like this: 

MRN, Last Name, First Name, DOB, Medication, Frequency, Infusion Center/ Pharmacy, Phone/Fax, Status, Scheduled/Mailed, Comments

sheets A-Z and "Check Status" 

Under the Status tab I have been putting "On Therapy" and "Pending" 

I need to be able to have my "Check Status" Sheet automatically generate a copy of the Pending Patient's and their information. 

We are constantly adding patients and I have been googling my butt off trying to find the best way to just be able to have a sheet set up that has a copy of the information above for pending statuses. 

I have attached an example of what I am trying to do.

Please any information would be so greatly appreciated! I haven't really used Excel like this before.


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