[Help needed] I'm unable to login at techcommunity.microsoft.com with my account.

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This one is a fake account which I'm using to post this question here, I'm unable to login to my personal account here on this website, My account is working fine with all other microsoft products, just this website.


When I try to login , It take to sign in page , when I click next after filling my email ID, page got redirected to the homepage of techcommunity.microsoft.com and sign in never completes like this.


I tried Incognito mode, Guest profile, a complte new profile, edge canary version, edge dev version and classic edge too & none of them works, 

Then I created this new account, and it worked fine on all the above mentioned browsers,So I'm posting this question here, 


How do I fix this, Any help would be appreciated.


Note: I was using my personal ID on this website and was working fine, then I clear my browsing activity from microsoft account and all this happened.I'm unable to sign in with my personal account.

Help please.

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Hey @Elliot , reply man, I'm locked out.

@RUFELLO2260   Can you sign into this website when you are using Edge Classic (the built-in) browser, and/or third party browsers like Chrome or Firefox?   If you can't sign in with Edge Classic or another browser (and your MSA works okay for logging into your computer, Bing, Outlook and whatever other Microsoft services you sign into), that suggests that the problem is a corrupted login at Microsoft Edge Insider website level, rather than anything to do with Edge Chromium itself. 


I don't have a solution, obviously, but I do have a suggestion:  Contact  Microsoft Edge Support  and let them go to work on the problem.  I've had good results from the support folks.

I am really sorry to hear this. I am just a user on this site as well, but maybe @Eric Starker can help get you unstuck.
Thanks for reply man, I did try everything and nothing works, neither chrome , firefox or even edge classic.
I tried to use "contact us" then virtual agent and even waited for someone real person to talk but no benefits, any real person never replied.
I didn't know what to do next, so I posted it here.
I thought you are an admin, btw thanks for reply, I hope starker can do something.

@RUFELLO2260 Hi, I had same problem. My old account data got deleted. This is new account with same microsoft account.  I contacted microsoft through techcommunity@microsoft.com email address and i got reply. I was told, this happens if you change primary alias (or) if user clear activity and history from microsoft privacy portal(By mainly using button on screenshot). i guess they cannot restore data like best repsponses/badges and i did not bothered to ask through email(May be @Eric Starker  can confirm this).thumbnail_image002.png


My account did have same problem mentioned for 2 to 3 days. Trying to log in using below steps worked for me. i suggest trying below steps and see if it works. if not i would suggest contacting techcommunity using above mentioned email address(techcommunity@microsoft.com) (or) waiting 2 to 3 days and try again.

1) Go to private window

2)go to website https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Discussions/bd-p/EdgeInsiderDiscussions

3) click on any new conversation, this will take your full conversation with all discussion.

4) click on reply button 

5) To reply we need account, so it will take you to microsoft account login page. if you login, it should ask you to complete forum account.


This worked for me. Not sure becuase of waiting 2 to 3 days (or) because of going throgh above procedure instead of trying login normally. Best of luck.




I tried everything, except mailing at techcommunity@microsoft.com, I'll try that too.
And yeah all your suggessions didn't work, I already tried them all. Tried to create a new account with my personal account created successfully, and it's not able to sign in too.

@RUFELLO2260 In the future, sending any inquiries to techcommunity@microsoft.com is enough and we promise to respond (usually during weekdays).


I don’t see your account in the Tech Community currently under that email address.


Have you changed your primary alias on your Microsoft Account, or have you cleared your activity and history from the Microsoft privacy portal in the last few days? That would remove your Tech Community account.


Specifically this button:




Once you have removed your account, you aren’t able to create a new account with the same email address for at least 24-48 hours.


As far as restoring badges, etc. we won't have a record of them because your account is removed, but you can always email us at techcommunity@microsoft.com and we can consider restoring anything you might mention (we can look up whether you are an MVP, etc.). 


Incidentally, I am moving this conversation to Community Discussion as it has nothing to do with Microsoft Edge Insider. Please ask any questions directly about the Tech Community in that space in the future (unless it is a technical question you are emailing our team about). 


Also tagging @Allen in case he has any further input. 


Let us know if you have any questions.