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As some of you may already know, today is my last day on the Community Team. While my time here has been a short eleven months I have truly enjoyed getting to know and interact with all our wonderful community members and MVPs. I’m thankful that I was able to attend fun community events such as Microsoft Ignite, the Tech Summits and the MVP Summit. I truly believe in the power of community (especially this one!) and I know it will continue to grow and evolve into something amazing.


Thank you to @Michael Holste, @Lana O'Brien, @Anna Chu@Jeff Medford and @Daniel Martins for your support, guidance and encouragement throughout my time here. I’ll be moving on to new adventures after today but I want to thank each and every one of you for making my experience a positive one. Feel free to add me on LinkedIn if you would like to stay in touch! Cheers!





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Thank you very much, Maddie!

Good luck!

Maddie, thank you for your job! Good luck and take care.

You too? :( Anna is barely showing up around here too lately, seems like all the ladies left us.


Thank you, and best of luck with your next endeavors.

It`s been a pleasure working with you, Maddie. Good luck with the new challenge, I`m sure you`ll thrive :)

This is what happens when we have  great talents on the team, they just keep shining :)


@Anna Chu was taking some time off, but do not fret! Her unwavering passion for communities will be back soon!

I'm super sad about Maddie and Lana's departure but they are taking up amazing opportunities and I wish them all the best!  Both Maddie and Lana have made an incredible impact with the community and have been a major part of the debut of the Tech Community and driving engagement. 


It's good to be back after taking a few weeks of vacation!  We're actively hiring their replacements so if you have any strong candidates in mind please send them to @Michael Holste!

Thanks everyone for your kind words!

Will will miss you Maddie, your contributions and support on this community was amazing. Good luck !

Thank you for the added value to the community!

As many have already said, you nothing short of a rockstar on this community and it was awesome working with you. Good luck with your next opportunities and always feel welcome to pop back into this community! 

Hi Maddie,


It was fun joining you at the booth in Milan! Good luck!