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I post in education community about MCE Microsoft certified Educator IT was a resource post but when post was published I cannot not see on tech community site or even in my profile but on my profile it count a post 74 please let me know why this is happening


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Secondly I want to know how to write blog on Microsoft Tech Community site whenever I go to my selected community and go on blog tab I can not see to see create blog or new blog button what its the method to write post 



Is Microsoft Tech Community the official Microsoft blog site 


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1. @shafiq rehman I don't know why you weren't able to see this post before. However, this post goes against our community guidelines. We have a policy against 3rd party promotion of products on this site so we can preserve an environment free of ads and self-promotion, and your post contained 3rd party links. We have warned you about this about a previous post (in January). Please stop posting posts with third-party links.


2. Our blogs are all written by Microsoft employees and select guest writers (usually Microsoft MVPs). It's not intended as a public blog platform for you to post blogs, but you can certainly post content in the forums.


3. Microsoft Tech Community is one of the official blog sites, yes. 


@Eric StarkerI understand all the things and I was careful as u noted m but the post contain official link which Microsoft referred to certiport a third party vendor which is responsible for showcasing and take test of Microsoft Certified Educator the post contain product brochure, domain and gmetrix practice test awareness 

@Eric Starkerwhere to post in forums on Microsoft please let me know 

Regardless if the third-party vendor is an approved vendor, we do not allow any third-party promotion here. The Tech Community is not a place to advertise for test preparation resources or anything else. It's right here in the Code of Conduct.

@Eric StarkerMany thanks for reply, but I have seen many post Given third party vendor like Amazon to get study guide  on certain Microsoft Exam I get a mail from role manager for ranking me as frequent contributor and I have given my concern and request to help and guide me to use tech community in community guideline and in efficient way.


I have explored many managers like you and read conversation and now will be in good shape then today


Shafiq Rehman 

@shafiq rehman Yes, the "frequent contributor" role is automated and isn't indicative of the content you've posted. 


If you see other posts with third-party vendor links, feel free to report them and we will remove them.