Getting stuck with a wrong account

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So, not only this awful forums site is slow as hell, it can't deal with a thing that people might have a few MS accounts. I always have to choose which account to use here, it somehow can't remember what account i have selected hundreds of times already. And today, after i have logged into Azure portal with a different account it got stuck here on selecting that account automatically and asking to consent. The only thing that fixed it is wiping out ALL Microsoft cookies, because pressing back was just bringing back the consent window with that secondary account. So now i will have to relogin everywhere.. What a bunch of crap is this place. I don't usually do such thing as actively mocking, but it drives me crazy with slowness, not being able to use it on mobile (constant jumping of edit window, paste not working, not being able to select text in blogs, etc.) and joggling with accounts. Can't believe we have to deal with this in 21 century and MS is running this.

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