Getting Started with the Microsoft Tech Community article on the Technet Wiki

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I wrote a 'Getting Started with the Microsoft Tech Community' article on the Technet Wiki.  It links back to many of the getting started resources here and adds hopefully some useful guidance and tips. Here is the address:


This being a Wiki article it can be improved by other contributors as well.  Feedback is welcome.

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Hi Cian, 


We actually have a Microsoft Mechanics video detailing much of this information as well. 

A quick update, I have continued to update this article, it has some power users tips, as well as some introductory material and places to start.  I got some good feedback from another member about it and it's started to get some views according to the TechNet Wiki notifications.


Getting Started with the Microsoft Tech Community





Good job Cian, thank you!


I see you added Undread Discussions, nice to know there is some progress here. Will play with link you published some later, so far not ready to give any feedback on this.

Thank you so much for sharing this video. It was extremely useful to me. Thank you again.