Functionality of the community section

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There is some functionaliy of these community sections that I have always wondered about, is it me who don't know how things work or is there something about the functionality of the sections.


  • Very often when I try to mark all entries as read, the function (and most others in the menu) is greyed out.
  • There is not way you can see which posts have been read and which haven't or filter on unread only.
  • When you look at the Latest Acticity in a community you only see the date of the original post and not the latest reply.  This can fool you into believing that this is a really old post.


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@Deleted I am sorry I didn't see this before.


Obviously our design has moved on a little since you posted this. Would you mind updating your post and let me know if your still experiencing issues?



Hi Allen

Thanks for your response. I have revisited the issues I commented on some time ago, and I find that they are still valid. Look at the following post.  The original post is from 9.11.2016. The response bears no date, but is actually from 18.5.2018, but you can only see that if you specifically open the respons.  That makes me believe, this is just a really old post.











Re. Conversation options->Mark all read

When I enter a community, select Conversatiion Options->Mark all read, nothing happens or changes.  There is no visual indication that I have now seen all entries.  If I exit and re-enter the community it still indicates the same number of unread articles.











Thank you I will look into what we can do here, right now we are doing some work on GDPR and Community events so it may be a week or two until we can look into this.