Formatting style request: Inline code font, or at least allow <code> to work

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As an experienced programmer, I post to online forums and boards including this one, to gain more knowledge about my code.

For a forum about coding to actually work though, it needs to have the ability to format text as code, inline.

Many forums have a block-level code font style:



Look at me!



but in order to have adequate code styling, there needs to be a way to format text as code, in the middle of a sentence, like this.

Currently, there is no editor button to create inline code font. However, I notice that an inline code font style does exist, and it works! I opened the Source Code, and I added <code> tags around some parts of my post, but the system does not allow them, and removes them upon submitting.


Everything that was underlined above should have been inline code, not underline. Please, allow the use of <code> in post body, and add an inline code font style option which will allow members to communicate code more clearly.

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