Format of Email Alerts is Terrible


I'm disappointed I have to write this, since the format of the email alerts should have never gotten out of testing, much less been production for too long already.


Anyway, just wanted to provide feedback that the format of the email alerts is basically useless apart from the subject line.


In the message body"

a) Gigantic font of the subject line that usually is fairly long.

b) Paired with a graphic with spheres and pyramids that don't seem to have anything to do with MTC


c) Then the text "Hi Kevin Crossman", someone posted a new comment...

This text is pretty easy to read


d) then followed by the link to the thread/blog (very tiny text - can't be read on a mobile phone and is honestly barely readable in desktop client.

e) and then the text of the message. Similarly small and illegible.

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@Kevin Crossman 

Hello! You have my support! Prepare as an idea and publish! It's worth really improving!