Forced to choose new name to reply.

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I had a post using the name Eagleizer, When I followed a link in my email to reply to an answer, I was forced to choose a new username. Why? It looks confusing since my reply have a different name then my original post :p 


Any way I can fix this?

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Hi @Eagleizer2030, you are welcome to the Microsoft Tech Community.

This issue seems to be related to the Microsoft Tech Community website and not to Microsoft Edge. So I would recommend you to post this discussion in the Community Lounge of the Microsoft Tech Community as that space has been made for discussion like this and there is a more probability of you getting a reply there.


Furthermore, you can e-mail the Microsoft Tech Community team about this issue by e-mailing them at

Guess this was moved to the right place. No help or explanation to what happened though. :p
I might try that email.

Cheers :)



Sorry your post got redirected but this is definitely the correct place for it. Your original account is using a Gmail email address and this one your posting form now is using a Hotmail address. So I would hazard a guess when you clicked your link your browser was logged in to a Hotmail account, which is a different account to your Gmail account, and as such a  new user for the Microsoft Tech Community.


The only solution for this would be to either log out of the other account in your browser before clicking the links or opening the link in an in-private browsing session.

Thanks! I support your logic. I'm confident that's what happened.
It make no sense that this is not made clear to the user. I have had same
problem with putting money in wrong Skype account since there is no
warning of it. Even support was not able to explain what happened, but
after 3 times I connected the dots and have been able to avoid this myself...
Still, support lives in the dark, and the customers wastes time and money. :p



If Allen has given the right answer - mark his answer as the solution!

At MTC it will be a tip for other users – it will be visible and helpful!

Good luck. Andrew. 


@Allen always gives right answer explaining how it works. You may agree or disagree with that, but that's what we actually have.

@Sergei Baklan 

Yes, but that's what it's all about for the author to mark as a solution - which Allen replied!

perhaps the translation showed badly!

Well, there seems to be no way I can log in with my Gmail account, since as

soon as I click login, MS login rolls automatically. The reply from Allan was only

correct (probably) in that it was because I was logged in with MS. I cannot find

any way to log in with Google, so my problem is not solved in any way. The

problem with MS doing this in this "inconvenient" way is also not solved in 

any way.  


Marking his answer as solution would be a far stretch IMHO. 

(Not trying to be rude) 


Then there is also the missing option to actually mark his post as solution.


Cheers :)




Excellent, thank you for your explanation!

I would change the primary Microsoft account address to Gimail to fix it, and I would leave Hotmail as a secondary account for microsoft account security,

And the most correct would be to change the basic email address e.g. to Outlook for Microsoft account - this address is then assigned to the account in the MTC and login should be correct!

Please write what you think?  




I would add that I know the case where the primary address for a Microsoft account is Gimail mail, but uses EDGE by default and is logged into the profile and into Windows using Windows Hello and it works fine!

Are you using Windows Hello?




I also saw that you are looking for a label to mark the best answer in context - there is no this feature!

If you do not see the label as in the second screenshot it means that it is not the correct configuration and it must be explained!


MS - No option to mark posts as Solution (1).PNG

@A1 I am sorry I do not understand what you have posted.


@Eagleizer2030 @Eagleizer 


Only the original author can mark a best solution on a thread. Since you have two accounts with the Microsoft Tech Community you would need to be logged in with the original account you posted with the mark any post as best solution. Certain users, like me, can also choose a best solution if one is not provided.


re: your gmail / microsoft account... When you login if you select Microsoft account and then supply your gmail account to the login interface, then, as long as you have connected your gmail email address as an alias to your Microsoft Account (which you must have done at some point because you have logged in here with it), you will be able to login to Microsoft Tech Community with that.


I am sorry this thread has become so complicated. If your still struggling then please click on my name and send me a PM.


All right - I didn't know it was about two MTC accounts for one Member.

I thought there was a problem syncing microsoft account and MTC account in connection with Gmail

I added screenshots as an example that as an author should have a label to confirm the best message, the second screenshot is unrelated to this topic so I will delete it.