Force, or at least view, Team Subscription by Members


When I click my profile:

it states that I should Favorite at least one space

But I have marked and joined Access so how do I get rid of that message and have my profile completed?


And the guides to be found are outdated - they mention a hamburger menu, but there is no such menu anywhere.

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Hi Gustav,


You joined but did you favorite? Here are two spaces, one favorited, one not. To favorite just click on the icon.



No I didn't. Thanks.

@Sergei Baklan, thank you, Sergei!  This was very helpful.  I guess being a first-time user it was a little overwhelming.  If they also had a small icon of a ♡ somewhere in the text that would have hit the spot!  Thank you for posting!


@mfosella , you are welcome. IMHO, to find something in new app is a minor issue. You know you are new here and you are ready to invest some time to become familiar with the interface. In a while you don't think any more where to find this or that and do routine tasks practically automatically.


Finally, after interface becomes fully transparent, developer of app changes the interface dramatically (I'm not about MTC, in general). Perhaps it's called technology progress, I'm not sure. You again don't know where is what, but now you have some instincts of work with app. Due to them shifting from old interface on new one is much harder than introduction of new interface from scratch.

Yes, it gets better and we get better all of the time! Thank you, Sergei!