First link for the Tech Community via Bing is suspicious...

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When searching for the Tech Community via Bing the first site listed gets flagged with a certificate error and the instruction to avoid the site: www[dot]technicalcommunity[dot]com.  A whois lookup suggests it's a legitimate Microsoft site, so someone should look into this as soon as possible as it doesn't look good to a new user searching for trusted information on Microsoft products.

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I just ran into a similar problem when I tried to open the network by using a previously saved Favorite in my browser that pointed to the old address, https://network. microsoft. com. It looks like there are some issues with some redirects.

Yeah, there have been some changes. Previously we had a Lithium-issued certificate with added as SAN, now it's a Microsoft issued one.


Just use the new address. Search engines will need some time to catch up on the changed name/URL.

Exactly the same happened to me @Dean Gross