Finding that I can't post or reply in a certain threat, though I'm signed in

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Hello!  There's a thread that I'm interested in ( but when I go to it, there's no place to comment in the chain and all the "reply" buttons are grayed out.  I'm logged in (it throws me over to GoDaddy when I click "sign in" and then brings me back to the forum...I even see my face in the corner so I know that worked.  And I was able to post in THIS forum.  What could be keeping me from joining in that discussion?   Thanks!  - milo

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Hi, it looks like the Moderator has disabled the ability to respond to this thread, or a technical problem of the MTC site.

I also have this error so - your Profile is fine!

You are welcome.

How strange! Nice to know it's not just me (which is usually the case) but it's a chain where many of us have had the same problem in Win11 and sharing discoveries is valuable. Oh well! really appreciate you letting me know.

@MiloInSanDiegoCA Thanks for reaching out.


Yes, we've turned off the ability to make new posts or replies in the Microsoft Launcher Report an Issue space.


The reason for this is because the name "Report an Issue" that appears on the top is somewhat generic, people were making a ton of off-topic posts including this one. The space was intended to report issues on the Microsoft Launcher product, not Windows 11 or other products.


We understand it's still a confusing experience, though, so we're looking into how we can make this less confusing moving forward. Sorry for any hassle here.