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First, I am rarely negative, you will just have to take my word for it. Smiley Wink More importantly, I wanted to point out Scott Wards Post here: "Feedback on new Community"  I would have tagged him, but the @ Function only brought up 5 results and looking for more did not work. I found I agreed with most of this.


Yammer was a great platform and in my opinion, should have stayed there. This particular platform is very rudimentary (no insults intended, really...) and I find it unattractive and not interactive at all. Over the last few days it has actually turned me off. The mobile experience is no better. Yammers Mobile application is great for what is needed. It's not like the target group for this has not given TONS of feedback to Microsoft and the Communities on function, ease of use, etc... for all the products. So why give the technical groups an incomplete solution for helping us sell and support Office 365 and its supporting solutions? You have to know what our basic needs are? Right?


I understand the goal is to improve, but this feels like "Old School Microsoft", scrap a good solution, change the name and technology and introduce it as new and improved.


I also realize that we are abandoning Yammer for the community so... hoping for more improvements quickly.

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Hi Rob. Thank you for the feedback. Yes, we agree that a lot of work needs to be done and we're working hard to implement quickly.