Export MyIgnite schedule to outlook

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Is there no way to export my Ignite schedule to a calendar file to import into outlook? That seems pretty silly.... Is the recommended method to download the app and have it give you push notifications of your schedule? Thanks!

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use the app and in the session you can say add to calendar. Why do you want to use Outlook?

I've already populated my "MyIgnite" session schedule and the calendar on the site. I'd like to export that to an .ics file to import in to my outlook calendar. I have other meetings and things scheduled during the conference so i wanted everything on ONE calendar, and be able to receive reminder notifications, etc.


I've been to a Dynamics User Group conference and their scheduler on their conference site allowed you to export to ics, its just seems ridiculous that there would be no way to simply export your conference schedule. Otherwise your forced to keep looking between your Ignite calendar on the app, and what you have scheduled on your regular company calendar, which is hardly efficient.

I agree completely. This seems a very obvious oversight! I can't imagine its that hard to implement.

A must have.

I have to agree, exporting to Outlook Calendar is a key oversight.  As a Microsoft Teched/Ignite regular attendee, I take the Outlook Calendar meeting, and use it in Microsoft OneNote to take notes from the session.  Without this being in Outlook Calendar, all that header information that Outlook/OneNote do for  you automatically, you are forced to manually re-create. 

Absolutely. I use the same feature and its a very useful tool when taking notes on the dozens of sessions you attend. I even sometimes record audio on some particularly insightful presentations and create "To Do" box checklists for following up, whats great is one note will allow you to play the audio recording from the time you inserted the To Do box item, so you can remind yourself of what they were talking about from their own words!