email signature not showing in outlook

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I am totally new to posting here so I will try explain my issue, I am using outlook to send my emails however over a couple of days now I noticed m y signature doesnt show in my sent emails.

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Hi It is very possible, but it is a trifle, please check in the settings how the settings of the conversation view are marked, you can hide it, or to make it visible! Please write if it works for you!



As I  I am new to this and dont know  how to carry out these steps

Okay, please open outlook settings and continue all settings, I'll add screenshots to show this place if of course I understood your problem well, because I use translations and screenshots will  not be in English, but I think you will quickly know how to find success

I opened all settings, now what?
Have you seen the screenshots?
no didnt see anything
at the bottom of the post you need to open attachments in an earlier post
the attachments arent in English
Maybe after the layout you will know where to save and change the settings - I have no way to add English.
I cant say until I send another email but I may have solved my issue
I would add that after you select the settings you need to save them to work
as I said I may have solved it