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The Microsoft Tech Community site is attempting to send me notification emails with an envelope From: address of "". However, our mail server is correctly rejecting these messages because is not a resolvable domain. Perhaps someone needs to update this address in the forum configuration.

If it is helpful, these connection attempts are originating from IP A reverse lookup on this address resolves to

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Hi Ryan,


Just in case, never had such issues, all notifications are in my inbox. Spam filter exists, I'm inside corporate environment.

Hi Sergei, thanks for your report. I suspect our spam filter is configured to be more strict than others in this regard. 


Upon further inspection, it appears the does have a TXT record for SPF, just no A record.

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@Ryan Steele


Thanks for the post, you must get this allot. We do not have an A record because there is no IP address to be resolved on that domain and due to technical limitations the email can not be sent from the same sub domain as where the community resides.


I am afraid the only solution I could offer at this point would be to ask your network admin to whitelist emails from the Tech Community. 

Hi Allen, thanks for following up. I will point out that Microsoft's own outbound mailing best practices indicate that the sending domain of an email should resolve in DNS. But if, as you say, that is not possible, I will see if we can whitelist this domain.