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Is there a way I can edit my Tech Community profile so when I create a new post and ask a question my full name does not appear on the post. I do not want my full name appearing in the post I prefer an initial for my first name followed by my surname. 



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Thanks for the question!I've moved this message to Community Discussion as it's unrelated to Microsoft Access where it was originally posted. The tech community uses single sign-on. So if you go to account.microsoft.com and edit your name there, your name in the tech community will reflect that change.

I know I'm a little late here, but I would also like to see this as a feature. It's not unusual to want to create a screen name that on top of your real identity.

WOW! Here we are, five whole years later yet there STILL is no answer to the individuals extremely simplistic question.
I just HATE all of this!!

Of course, you can edit the profile of an MTC Member, but still the real name will remain visible - I will add a discussion below that explains this:

Let us hide our real name in Microsoft Teach Community due to privacy issues - Microsoft Community H...