Do not notify about multiple message edits in a short span

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I am not sure when exactly this changed, but i don't remember getting this many notifications before. And i see notifications for the same comment on a blog i have commented on (hence auto subscribed) and i see that person is just fixing typos, changing a few words, adding some, but nothing really that important. And usually this happens in a span of 10-15 minutes after initial posting. Some people are so crazy to edit their message 5 times or more. Would really like to get less such emails. So i wonder if there could be a threshold not to send additional email notification if message is edited during first 15 (maybe even 30 minutes) after initial posting. What do you think? Do you want me to post an idea for this?

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I propose to change the notification settings for the profile, practically everything can be turned off - that is, you do not need a new idea in this topic .

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I don't want to turn off notifications. I want less of them about a minor edits users do after they post a comment.
I think that this is not technically possible, you can have verification in the settings once a day, or once a week.