Discussing the vision, plans and improvements for this new Office 365 Network.


@MichaelHolste kindly agreed to more openly discuss the vision, plans and improvements coming for this new Office 365 Network. I'm sure @Anna Chu and the rest of her team will pitch in. There has been many reactions, reviews and critiques written and discussed since the launch of the Preview of this network. Remember that it is a Preview and it's our opportunity as a community to shape this network into what we want and keep the conversation going. 

So, Mike, Anna and team. What can you share of the vision and future plans for this network, that will help members transition from Yammer to here and grow it? 

  • Will there be a mobile app and when is it likely to be released?
  • What are current and future features of the platform that will help create community? Following, collaborative groups, co-authoring spaces, a feed for all conversations and people I follow...
  • ...What would you ask the Office 365 Network team about it's future and vision?

I realise there is an Ideas forum here and keep posting your ideas. But do ask your questions on this thread too about the future of this network. It helps to keep the conversation together.

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A responsive mobile web experience just won't cut it, they never do, mobile users expect the performance and behaviour of an app. Just ask the teams doing apps for Outlook, Sway, Groups, Delve, SharePoint, Skype, OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Send, Video, OneDrive, Lens, Flow, PowerApps and ... Yammer.

With all credit to you for the best of intentions... My thoughts, on LinkedIn.

On Community, Value... and Control

Hi, I'm from an organisation that is new to Yammer, but has used a number of other ESN solutions and digital collaboration tools.


I agree with the previous comment about focusing on mobile responsive - based on our experience with other vendors and their products and managing users, you need to develop a solution that is both mobile responsive AND also develop native apps for iOS and Android (as a minimum). Most users want (and expect) both.

Did my reply to this thread from yesterday disappear?


I do respect you, Mike, and what your team is trying to build here. That said, I've summarized my thoughts on LinkedIn ("Community, Value... and Control"), as to why you're likelier in my estimation to end up with a forum than a community. 


At the same time, I'm empathetic to the challenge you're facing and the situation you're in, here. I will try and post resources in the Yammer Community Management board, which please note, I also did yesterday.

Mike, I've now had a respectful reply to you deleted twice (unless I'm mistaken, as I've heard nothing from you directly). Is it because I linked to a blog entry elsewhere summarizing my position? Because without the ability to blog here, I've simply done it elsewhere.


If it was more about the sentiments I expressed, what is offensive in saying that a high-control forum will be less likely to deliver collaborative community value?


Can you please share your moderation policy for this network so that I am less likely to write posts that will go poof?

I do hope that an over-excessive moderation stance is not being taken here because it will absolutely and utterly drive people away from considering this network as somewhere in which they would want to participate. I anticipate that Michael Holst will clarify the situation about posts and make it absolutely obvious that no reasoned and rational contribution from an MVP would ever be suppressed. Evidence of such action would make people think twice about future support of these fora.

@MichaelHolste, it would really help us understand if something went awry in Melanie's attempts to link to a blog as you suggested upthread.

Hey Melanie, I can promise you that I have not deleted your posts. I will check our spam quarantine and see if it ended up in there.


As per moderation policies, I think you all have a pretty good idea of how moderation here works. No solicitation, no personal attacks, no flaming, keep criticism constructive, and treat others with respect. I will look into why/where your posts went. 

Hey Melanie, looks like they got caught in the spam quarantine. They have been moved out of there and should be available on the network. We just turned this on late last week so it is still learning. Apologies for any confusion. (You should know I'd never censor you) Smiley Happy



Mike, glad to hear it. That's what had me flummoxed... deletions without contact is not what I expected from an experienced community manager like you.


I was left to wonder about the moderation policy for this space, and the implications for the culture here.


I'd encourage you to publish an official version of the policy, BTW. Given your ambitions for the size of this space, seems advisable to have that long-established and ready to cite.



Melanie, our Community Guidelines cover what is appropriate and inappropriate. 


I like the idea of having a hard "moderation policy" post that we can lean on when needed. I'll get something up soon. 



I just performed a search for you in here and I had to turn off "suggestions," before I could get to listings concerning you.  So, it did find you but I had an extra step to get the answer.


So, yes, you can search for HUMANS.  Smiley Happy



My main gripe about this new site is this 'mobile look' . It may be 'touch friendly' but elements are so large and spaced out that it just feels uncomfortable to use on my desktop.

Under 3. Discussion styles it would be great to see "Announcements" from Microsoft :)
Actually the Featured Discussion seems to serve as an announcement.

@MichaelHolsteor @Anna Chu this has been pinned to the top of this space for over 1 year and is no longer very relevant. Can it be unpinned?

Though @Henry Pei's note above about the spacing of elements remains valid yet today. Just sayin' as I dig through my closet for that carpal tunnel brace. Never did get used to using "Page Down" just to read the next reply on a thread.

Agreed, the formating continues to be horrible, but that is a major topic in its own right :)

This post is not pinned to the top. It's currently appearing at the top because there have been recent replies. Pinned posts now have a thumbtack icon in the top right hand corner.

As shown below I see a pin in the top right corner