Discrepancy between # of conversations per topic on home page vs. # of conversations on topic page

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There appears to be some discrepancy between the number of conversations displayed per topic tile on the main home page  versus the number of conversations listed on the topic page. At the time I am posting this, for example, the SharePoint Topic displays 211 conversations on the home page, while on the SharePoint topic page, if you add the conversations between the 4 subtopics displayed you get 56 conversations.


This was a disorienting to me when I noticed this - I was expecting a lot more conversations in the SharePoint topic. Is this because theere are private subtopics, and registered users don't necessarily see all of the subtopics and their conversations?

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I guess the word conversation is used for messages (211) and threads (56). 

Seems likely, thanks. But then I would suggest it be consistent, or the labels changed to make that distinction.
Exactly, i checked this arithmetic for Delve (since not a lot of posts here) couple of days ago. On Products page conversation=message (or post). For the group conversation=thread.

I think they said somewhere else (don't ask me where....) that they are working on fixing it, the number at the top should represent conversations (threads) and reply posts, and they are working on fixing the wording 

Good to know, current wording is bit confusing. By the way, another strange thing is with arithmetic with number of comments in ideas. Like "Comments 1 (2 New)".

Well, math is not an exact science you know


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