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How can a member (auto)remove himself/herself from Microsoft Tech Community?

Is there a delete/remove option in the user profile? Where?

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To remove yourself on My Home page click 3 dots in community menu and after that Leave CommunityLeaveCommunity.JPG

Hey Salvatore, 


Deleting a user from the tech community is not as straight forward as it seems due to wanting to keep content and threads accurate without broken links, etc. The best way to do this is to reach out to our community admins (myself included).


Basically, we have a few options we can take here, from banning a user (blocks them until unbanned) to just changing their account name and removing their email address so they show as 'Deleted Member35'. 


The last way we have is to change the users SSO ID which also operates as a ban. 

I accidentally created two accounts (with personal and business account). Could you please deactivate this one? I will keep my business account. This user has not written any posts yet.
I accidentally created two accounts, can they be merged, or can you please delete one of them for me?
Hey Michael,

I sent you a private message because I need some technical-related help with Microsoft.

Could you please delete my profile from the tech community: user-id/54989 (Eric Roth). Thanks!

I would like my profile deleted. This should be an easy option!

I would like to delete my entire profile not my community memberships

How can I delete my entire profile?

I've removed your account, Susan.


For anyone who wants to remove their account, feel free to email us at if you want to remove your account and we will get it sorted for you. 

thx much appreciated

so what do i do now?

Changed my name. here it still appears :(


Was sent two links

You would need to update your name here:


Then log back into the community using this link:

The logging back in give me an http 500 error....... 
And me answering still displays my full name which seems to me that my account is not deleted. I should not have to email for this but i should be able to do this myself as far as i am concerned.

@Deleted: I will respond to your question via email.

best response confirmed by Allen (Community Manager)

@Salvatore Biscari 


Just updating this thread, having listened to the feedback from the community we have decided to make it so users can close their own accounts. If you want to close your own account you can do so here.


To find out more, please see our privacy guidance.


Hope the site asks couple of times "Are you sure?"...