Daily digest emails for my techcommunity subscriptions stopped being sent

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About two weeks ago, I stopped receiving the daily digest emails for my subscriptions on Tech Community. I have triple checked my profile settings and confirmed I am configured to receive a daily digest for my subscriptions and that there are no other options to block email notifications. I've reviewed my junk email and added the sender to safe sender list. Is it possible to check my account and determine if daily digest emails are being sent? I'm trying to determine if this is an issue with my email system or if the daily email is just not being sent.


Thanks much for your help!

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I've tried setting up a new MS account with different email address and added some TechCommunity subscriptions to my test account and still no subscription email sent... are subscription emails being sent to anyone?
The daily emails started up again today without me having done anything. I have no idea why. The sender has changed and is now Microsoft Tech Community <MicrosoftTechCommunity@us.khoros-mail.com>.

I recieve a mail every 10 minute saying that:

There's a message that matches your search for "build data in one cell" in Microsoft Tech Community.



It is enormusly irritating 

It fills my junk box with thousands of mail ....

Is the sender us.khoros-mail.com a spawn sender?


@eddievan wrote:

Is the sender us.khoros-mail.com a spawn sender?

No, it's not.



This website is using Khoros technology and software. what you are seeing is normal and that domain is Trusted.