confusion over user accounts on the tech community

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I seem to have two different profiles on the techcommunity, can they be consolidated?  


I have a business M365 account

I have a personal M365 account


Different e-mails, etc., but they are sort-of cross-linked in techcommunity. Confusing. How best to be one person with two e-mails using techcommunity?

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I think (not 100% sure)
since I see this:
"Your email is automatically provided by your Microsoft Account, Office 365 Account or alias you use to login to the Microsoft Tech Community and cannot be changed here."
in profile settings:

that means the system automatically detects additional credentials and ties them all up to one unified user account, instead of creating multiple user accounts. so your personal MSFT account, the aliases, the business account, you can use them to sign into the same account in MTC.

for me my personal and aliases work like this, but my business account was created using a different MSFT account. it's not the first time though, in my Firefox account I specified a secondary email address (because I just could) and using either of them with the same password allowed me to log in.

@HotCakeX  the problem is that notifications, subscriptions, etc., only arrive in my personal email InBox and I never see them in my business InBox. When in fact I had a business-related question/problem for the community, I didn't get notified of any activity. This question is for the moderators or owners of Tech Community. In the 'good old days' of TechNet I'd just have two separate accounts for Technet and not this confusion.

@gperkins and @geoperkins are both me, and I am myself, but these two profiles seem strangely both unlinked and linked at the same time.


I had to manually search for and find my own content (here) and subscribe to it in order to receive notifications and find it quickly in my own profile. How weird is that?


@gperkins is here: 

@geoperkins is here: 


How do I consistently login to my account(s)?



I think @Allen can help you with that on their side of the system

@HotCakeX Thanks


@gperkins One of the accounts is a Microsoft account (ending and the other is a work email address,


Unfortunately we can not merge these two account types together. I would suggest picking one to use going forward and closing the other one.


Note: if you choose the work one and then leave your employer, you will need to start again from scratch as that account, all posts and any content relating to it technically would belong to your employer.




Note: If I have enough money to support my own organizational tenant due to some stupid reason, and one day decide to close it and shift to personal account, why, as an owner, I can't move all stuff from tenant to personal account?

@Sergei Baklan 


As I understand it, it's to do with Data protection legislation, essentially when you're using your Microsoft Account, we are the data controller, which gives us more scope as to what we can do with the account data.


If you are using an O365 Account / Azure Active Directory account then Microsoft is the Data processor, we can use your details to grant access to our services, but we cannot move that data from outside the control of the data controller (your employer). 


Now I am not a legal expert Sergei, but we have been told from our legal team that we cannot migrate O365 / AAD accounts to private accounts in the Microsoft Tech Community and so we do not support that, sorry.


Allen Smith

Technical Lead

Microsoft Tech Community



@Allen , I'm also not a legal expert as well, that was theoretical question to investigate possibilities for future if such need will appear. So, as I understood you have such technical possibility but can't do due to legal restrictions. That's okay for now, thank you for the clarification.