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Hi I always thought I was computer savvy until I was put in the situation that's now how I need to make my living. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed the things to learn seem endless. I need someone to help me figure out my best path.   Please!

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You can find the list of communities here

so for Example, if you need help with Windows or wanna know more about it, you can open a new topic on the Windows community and explain more about that specific issue or question.

if you just wanna get some general knowledge about computers and technology, using a search engine like Bing is your best tool.

I understand. I thought as an office worker, I could keep up with anyone else on the computer. COVID19 later, now I am a remote workers studying everything I can find. She is right it depends on your goal. What do you believe is your biggest challenge?

It's all good and you're going to be great at this. I know experienced industry pros that get confused regularly. There is a huge amount to keep up with join some communities of interest, look at Microsoft Learn, join local User Groups, etc. 


We have regular user groups in Houston where there is networking and training every month. Usually held at Microsoft, local businesses, community colleges, or universities.  


Don't hesitate to reach out like you did.