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I am a bit concern about the response time for moderating questions and topics in this forum. For example, recently I submit a report of abuse and the post hasn't been removed yet. In past, I also observed the similar issue and when I reported it , it took like few days before it has been removed. For the health of the community, it would be nice like if the response to reported abuse post would have been faster.

In past, even the post wasn't abuse, someone would have contacted through the private message and telling me like why they didn't removed the post but seems like this is no longer applies.


Moderation is very important for the health of the community.

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Hi Reza,

Thank you for your message regarding this. Our moderation team has been streamlined to daily reviews of our reports. We currently are unable to support weekend moderation, so that may be some of the days that have passed without review.

I'll take this post back to our team to discuss increasing moderation wherever we may.

Thank you!

@Dylan Snodgrass 

I think the role of moderator is difficult - one discussion can take a lot of time to analyze, so it does not need additional contact from the Moderator as a reporter!
I have an idea to speed up - I would like to have labels by default whether it requires an immediate response or is only to check such a distinction would help in contrast to applications - it is worth analyzing

Hi Dylan,

Thank you for you post and thank you for taking my feedback, I believe there is a improvement needed like we know if we submit a report, for example, I report a post as abuse and when I click on the abuse, I still could report it. It would be nice like when I reported it, then it shows like it has been reported.

One other thing is why not considering the community for help? Currently, Microsoft Answers and Microsoft Q&A would have certain criteria to let trusted people (non-Microsoft) to be a volunteer moderators and experience is positive. I have some objection over the CoC of this forum but I believe this could be a good way to improve the moderation.
And for me it would be better if I could mark as urgent, or for analysis!
The moderator could first separate this as a kind of application!
I believe this should be done based on the user activities , for example if a user have been reporting valid abuse or have been a active and trusted users , then priorities their reports. Honestly, we couldn't trusted report from everyone who just join the forum.
Yes reputation of the applicant - of course + urgent sign = the perfect solution!