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Does anyone else get fed up with the competitive nature of MTC? I am certainly not talking about anyone in particular but it does reduce my contributions when I pick up on it and I back off, I have no interest in farming best responses, it's always mostly an unexpected bonus when someone marks a contribution as a BR.

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Hi Cian,


Can't say I'm boring with that, just don't care about all of these badges, likes and BR:s. Even if I have a lot of them. That's not a my goal to collect all such things. If we are more or less permanent members of the community we know who is who. As for newcomers and strange not sure that could help them. Not sure if the answer from the person with thousand of likes is more reliable than from the person with no one. They could give brilliant comments.


What is bored that's if people start asking likes of BR;s for their post. On the other hand perhaps they do need them for some purpose.

Thanks, Sergei, don't get me wrong, I think this is a brilliant community and I like being a part of it.  I guess just sometimes I wonder about these things, most of the time, I am not bothered at all and I just enjoy interacting with fellow members, helping out and contributing! 

Cian, I like this community as well, otherwise I switch on another one. Here are great pros with deep knowledge and experience. On the other hand novices with very limited knowledge, but they ask such questions taken from real life I never though about. Plus enthusiastic support team which try to make this community better. I learn from everyone here every day and glad to share my experience if I have it. 


Collecting of likes and badges - perhaps for some that's motivation factor, why not if they don't push you to give likes. But that's not why I'm here, just don't care.

Can you clarify a bit more? Is it just a feeling or actual behavior? I'm not very active here, but aside from a few random posts from random (new) persons i don't see competitiveness. I don't even know what to call that actually. Maybe spamming similar solutions. Or do you call it when you start replying to someone and then someone else comes in and posts solution faster than you? I wouldn't care for that much. Faster solution - best for inquirer.

Think I'm just having a weird time lately and probably went off on one, hopefully, no one holds it against me. Much love for the community!