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Hi Guys,


i use this url a lot as starter as it is much faster than the homepage 

Now i noticed the messages disappeared. Could you please put them back it was a great overview.


thanks in advance.


CC @Anna Chu@Dylan Snodgrass

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Hi Paul - you should check out @Allen's latest update in the blog here:


This is the first in a set of changes that aims to move some of the usefulness of 'My Dashboard' to the homepage where everyone can see them. The home feed is now exactly the same customized content ('Newest', 'Popular', 'Experts', 'Unanswered') you're used to with previews so you can see the messages before determining whether to join in. The feed is based on the communities you've joined and spaces you've favorited. We haven't rolled out the next set of changes that make your Profile Page the place that allows you to see and customize your joined communities and favorite spaces. It also gives your followers a chance to see what communities you join and spaces you participate in. This is based on community feedback and we hope you see this as an improvement. Understand that the load time on the home page is longer but Allen is working on improving that. Once we reduce the load time there, we hope everyone can enjoy the customized overview the homepage will provide.

Hi Anna,


Thanks for your prompt reply. I do hope the speeds get better and i would love to have a view with only unread topics. Not the extended version :)