community forum pages freeze up from time to time when starting conversations or accessing dropdowns

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Why is loading a new conversation in the forum (excel) freezing my screen every time!! I dont have this problem on other forums.


A lot of the time I go to start a new conversation, the processor starts whirring and the screen freezes up, I have to crash the page just to start again. I only have this problem with microsoft. and i`m using windows 10 16gb RAM so its not an old computer.


Someone needs to go over the front end code or whatever is freezing up the forum pages...It happens when one attempts to "start a new conversation" or access a menu from the profile drop down.


see attached images for error message examples..


on the positive side, the image upload function works very quickly and is fast to use.


Thank you.

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I used to experience the same thing, I see you're using chrome,
maybe I suggest try using Edge Dev or Canary channels?

or try Firefox which is an entirely different engine:

when using Edge or Firefox I don't have these problems. on chrome when a page hangs it suggest to discard the entire page but on Firefox you can discard the individual script that is causing the issue and won't disrupt your work.

try them and report back findings? :)