Chronology Confusion - is this a bug?


Now that we're supposed to use the site to interact with customers (instead of Yammer - sad that there's no app for mobile usage), I'm a bit confused as to why conversations with replies show the replies in reverse chronological order. Why is this the case?



I've encountered several threads where I've been confused by the fact that the highest up comments are better informed and reference the comments that are further down the page. On top of this, when you click "View all [X] comments", you get a more natural chronology view.

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Blake, Oldest First is default bahaviour, you may change on Newest First in you profile settings (in Linear Layout)

Yes, in the full view, oldest to newest is the behavior I want, but in the "shortened" view, I see something like the attached file (my original post dropped the inline photo for some reason...)


This is super confusing!

You are right, sorry. And here is another confusion with date format - in 'preview' it's always US mm-dd-yyyy format even if in my settings is yyyy-mm-dd. But when the conversation is opened the date format as in settings.


Time format is always US 12 hours, as well for Default language you may choose any language if only that language is English (US). Just in case, my PC regional settings are not US.


I agree with you, that's a bug. 'Full view' profile settings are to be propogated on 'preview'.

Not a bug- but not ideal either. We are working on this!

Lana, thank you, glad to know your team is going to improve this. Bug or not the bug - is just terminology question. If such behaviour is by design when it's bug in design...